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trying to live up to my url....supernatural, sherlock, DW, teen wolf, merlin, 90210, marvel, tom daley, harry potter, mcfly, tolkien, hunger games, the mortal instruments, percy jackson, john green ect. i swim ALOT (13:30 hrs) like taking photos hate the pressure of school, strangers and big crowds (except concerts) .


Ya know I would say he made puberty his bitch but he literally didn’t change at all…he is just so god damn cute

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“Long, lingering pans over a woman’s body, like this one from Austin Powers [left], are usually used to place the viewer in the role of a character who is attracted to them. The way this shot is framed and edited tells us, ‘Oh, this must be our love interest.’” [x]

But really.  Someone please try please try to argue with me that Destiel is not canon.  Because i have +1000 gifs that will tell you otherwise.

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being an introvert is really hard because there is no polite way to tell someone that you’re in a bad mood because you’re exhausted from socializing.

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My anaconda will consider it

My anaconda has, upon review of the information presented with it’s partners, decided that it, in fact, does not. My anaconda apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks you for your time.

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Hey Guys! So I’m really into Fall Out Boy and for my birthday I asked for merchandise! Well I got some doubles so I decided I’d give them away to some random person on the internet (who i can see has a GREAT taste in music haha)

Things you should know:

  • I ordered extra stuff to make the giveaway as amazing as possible (there would be more but i don’t have bottomless pockets, you probably know how expensive merch is)
  • I took pictures of the items off of the internet bc it looks better then whatever i could possibly take (also i didn’t want to lay them out on the floor, ew)
  • Everything is new and never worn
  • Everything is medium/small
  • I WILL ship worldwide (i have friends in other countries so i understand the struggles)
  • You MUST be comfortable sending me your address (you can message me or we can like facetime if that makes you more comfortable, but if you win i cant send it to you w/o it)
  • You have to be following me to win but please check out my blog first (its for my follwers plus i paid for this stuff)
  • Likes and reblogs count
  • No give away blogs 
  • If the winner doesnt want everything, I’ll pick another and give them the rest plus a $25 iTunes gift card
  • I’m using a generator
  • 100 notes or this never happened
  • Good luck & Have fun! You can message me with ANY questions!

Winners will be announced on Thanksgiving Day!!!!

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